Unreported Foreign Income or Bank Accounts?

Received a threatening letter from a foreign bank threatening to report you to IRS?
Read on the Web that you are going to prison for failing to file and report your foreign income and bank accounts?
Own property overseas or received a large foreign gift or inheritance in recent years?

Don’t panic, you’ve come to the right place. A substantial portion of my tax practice involves U.S. taxpayers just like you and there is a lot of false information on the Web to alarm and traumatize you.

Please Note: This is a highly specialized area of tax law and there are many so-called tax practitioners who use scare tactics, but are largely clueless as to how this area of tax law actually works.

In contrast, since 2003, I’ve represented hundreds of clients in similar situations. I’ve battled IRS for 35+ years. I understand how they think and will react to your situation if they find out about you. Don’t worry, I can fix your problem and keep you out of jail.

If one or more of these apply to you, contact me immediately:

  • Ownership of or signature authority over, one or more foreign bank or financial accounts1 worth $10,000 or more at any time during the year;
  • Foreign accounts, deferred compensation or ownership in foreign entities (stock, securities, family business ownership) exceeding $100,000 for joint filers ($50,000 for single filers) determined at the end of the year;
  • Receipt of foreign gifts or inheritances of $100,000 or more in total during any year in which you were a U.S. citizen or long-term resident, subsequent to 1995; or
  • Regardless of the value, ownership of 10% or more in a foreign corporation or partnership;
  • Unreported interest, dividend, rents or royalties or other earnings and profits from foreign accounts, investments, assets or real property;
  •  Beneficiary of a foreign trust or estate.

[1. Note: Account is broadly defined and includes insurance, retirement accounts, on-line accounts, gaming accounts and precious metal accounts.]


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