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A Tax Guide:Pragmatic Asset Protection



A Guide to Pragmatic Asset Protection

Pragmatic Asset Protection is a practical guide for individuals seeking to protect their assets from creditors. The methods discussed fall squarely within the U.S. legal system and do not involve hiding assets offshore or other transparently phony schemes.

This publication is the product of the author's extensive experience, including his work for the U.S. government as an expert witness on asset protection, and is especially helpful to those owning multiple real estate properties, professionals (doctors, attorneys, accountants, financial consultants, architects) and individuals engaging in activities that could give rise to large jury verdicts.

Robert Sommers defines the leading concepts and how creditors and courts view various aspects of an asset protection plan. He identifies the pitfalls and traps for the unwary and includes common-sense pointers on how to best protect your assets in our litigious society. Citations to case law and other legal precedents are contained in the reference section.


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“Sommers makes it easy for the layperson to understand the difference between having good asset protection and having bad asset protection. In other words, having a legal plan that will hold up in court and persuade a potential creditor from trying to seize your goods.
He not only explains the risks and pitfalls involved in these many asset protection plans (which basically shifts ownership and control of your assets into entities beyond the control of a creditor's reach) but provides case studies and a comprehensive reference section.
In a nutshell, if you value what you have, I would advise you to buy this book.”
— Todd Crawshaw, President, Crawshaw Design