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“If you need advice on independent contractors, run, don't walk, to order Robert Sommers' book. We had two IRS audits in 15 years. We won both cases! With Bob's knowledge and preparation, it was a slam dunk!”
— Mary McgGlynn, President, PowerSpeaking Inc.
“I had many questions about how to declare a foreign inheritance to the IRS. I had found some information on the internet but I was still not sure I was doing the right thing. I was confused and afraid I would make a big mistake and miss filing some form. I needed help from an expert in foreign tax issues and decided to give Mr. Sommers a call after reading all the excellent reviews on Yelp. I was so glad I did after he answered my questions and concerns and put my mind at ease. I highly recommend Mr. Sommers if you need help with some foreign tax issues.”
– Remy K., San Francisco
“I was recently on and came across a paperback book written by Bob - A Guide To Pragmatic Asset Protection. I immediately bought a copy and although I haven't completely finished reading it yet, I am impressed by how Bob makes a difficult topic interesting and informative. This book will give you the foundation you need to protect your assets under IRS guidelines. Not an easy task but Bob really delivers.”
– Jenny S., San Francisco
“I've had a couple of scrapes with the IRS over worker classification issues and emerged unscathed each time, thank's to Bob.  Not only has he kept my butt out of jail, I actually made money (mid six figures), based on Bob's unconventional and ingenious solution to my tax problem!  Read this book and spare yourself the wrath of the taxman.”
— Steve, The Carpetman, San Francisco
“I'm a tax attorney as well . Bob Sommers wrote the book that I use in my own tax practice to advise clients on foreign investment. I think that says it all right there.”
— Matthew W., San Francisco
“Bob Sommers saved me from a huge IRS tax problem a number of years ago. With his help, a $100,000+ claim was entirely erased. I am consulting with him again on a new tax issue and am confident he will pull another rabbit out of the hat. He really knows his stuff.”
— MP C., San Rafael, CA
“I have worked with Bob on several tax issues. I am a colleague of his, rather than a client. He is as knowledgeable about the issues as anyone I have ever encountered and I am a CPA and tax attorney myself. Along with his top notch brain power, he is also very easy to work with and has an engaging personality. You will feel good working with Bob. He is excellent.”
— Adam S., San Francisco
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