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What’s Hiding in Trump’s Tax Returns and Where to Find It

September, 2016


Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns, concerned that tax attorneys like me will scour it for hidden gems, such as what percentage of his income comes from foreign sources and how much does he really earn? Speculation abounds that Trump’s worth is only a fraction of what he claims, and that his projects are financed in large part by foreign countries (Chinese banks) and corrupt Russian and Ukrainian officials and oligarchs.[1]

Reviewing Trump’s tax return is vital, because it is signed under penalty of federal perjury, so he cannot later deny that the information is accurate without incurring a risk of criminal perjury charges.

So What Is In His Tax Returns?

Because Trump’s tax return has not made public, we do not know his true earnings, charitable contributions or his foreign holdings and income. But if he makes them available, where should you look for the golden nuggets and, perhaps a smoking gun or two?

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